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Commentary:Justice isnt always done for child sexual abuse I know firsthand by Tennessee Watson

Tennessee Watson is a reporter.  She was also sexually molested by her gymnastics coach when she was a child.  The link below will lead you to her story which was published through on August 11, 2016. I wish I could say that this was an unusual story.  I wish I could tell you that... Continue Reading →

Commentary: The #1 Reason Children Recant Abuse Allegations by Ginger Kadlec

Commentary:  I do not have much to say about or add to this article other than; read it and understand the importance of believing the child and being supportive.   It is important to remember that we are human. If your initial reaction to a child’s revelation of abuse especially sexual abuse causes you regret or... Continue Reading →

Commentary on: Kiah Collier’s article Multiple Lawsuits Could Spell Budget Doomsday for State

Our children are everyone’s responsibility, whether they are ours, our neighbors, or an unknown face in the community.  Their future and their very lives are a direct result of the priority we place on their well-being.  Do our children deserve a chance at a life safe from abuse whether in their home or in the home of someone... Continue Reading →

In The News: Virginia-Child abuse bill would add hearsay exception by Katie Caler

In The News:  Virginia-Child abuse bill would add hearsay exception by Katie Caler The purpose of this General assembly bill is to assist young victims so they only have to tell their story once.   One of the most difficult events for young victims is that they must revisit the trauma of their abuse several times... Continue Reading →

Commentary on Baby Doe: A political history of tragedy by Jill Lepore

The article Baby Doe: A political history of tragedy by Jill Lepore provides a fact based overview of the problematic history of Department of Children and Families (Names of Child Protective Services vary among states) in the northeast part of the United States.  She cites several cases, with graphic details, to support her stance.  Her... Continue Reading →

Foster care children at risk for sex trafficking predators By: Elizabeth Saab

Sex Trafficking is a large and very real issue in our country and in our region. The safety of our children in Foster Care is also a continuing concern. The following article by Elizabeth Saab addresses both issues as they intersect in the real lives of already at risk children and youth; Child Sex Trafficking.... Continue Reading →

“We Need Tech Heroes to Defend Our Children”- Quote from Ashton Kutcher’s Thorn Site

Digital Defenders The definition of thorn as found in Webster’s Dictionary is, “anything that keeps troubling, vexing, or irritating one, like a constantly pricking thorn: usually in the phrase thorn in one’s side.” Ashton Kutcher has created a Thorn that will pierce the heart of a very particular enemy.  That Thorn is an organization that... Continue Reading →

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