In The News: Virginia-Child abuse bill would add hearsay exception by Katie Caler

In The News:  Virginia-Child abuse bill would add hearsay exception by Katie Caler

The purpose of this General assembly bill is to assist young victims so they only have to tell their story once.   One of the most difficult events for young victims is that they must revisit the trauma of their abuse several times as they have to retell their story.  This is also a factor that keeps perpetrators from being charged and thus a failure to convict.  Why?  One reason is that our system wants to protect the child from having to “relive” the abuse.  Additionally, they want to protect the young victims from having to face their abuser in court.  A byproduct of this protection is that charges are often not brought against the abusers. 

Our laws, as they stand, are meant to protect the accused with the right to face their accuser.  Unfortunately, this means a child who has suffered terror and violation at the hands of an adult must endure the emotional stress of preparing for a court process; something that is stressful for most adults. 

While not ideal this Bill is a beginning in protecting the child and not the adult.  We the people are in control of eradicating the freedom with which predators are allowed to prolifically abuse our children.  To that end, it always helps to acknowledge those working toward that cause.   JDP

David B. Albo introduced HB 227-Hearsay exceptions; admissibility of statements by children in certain cases.

In-session address: 

General Assembly Building, Room 529

Capitol Square Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 698-1042


Mailing address:

6367 Rolling Mill Place

Suite 102

Springfield, Virginia 22152

Phone: (703) 451-3555

Here is a link to the news story and videos:–370976151.html

Here is a link to the Legislation:

Source:  By Katie Caler | Posted: Thu 5:11 PM, Mar 03, 2016  | Updated: Thu 6:34 PM, Mar 03, 2016


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