A Lawyer Speaks Sentencing and Child Molestation

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s blog; Jarod Fogle Sentencing Child Molesters.   The following article is from last year; however, I feel it is relevant to understanding the prosecution of child molesters. This lawyer discusses both the difficulties of deciding to prosecute a case and the difficulties in the actual prosecution. The article was taken... Continue Reading →


Jarod Fogle Sentencing Child Molesters

I have read and heard many comments about the leniency of the sentence against Jarod Fogle. I am still amazed that so many are unaware of the reality of prosecuting child molesters.  These cases are difficult to prosecute for a variety of reasons.  Therefore charges are not pressed, prosecution does not occur, and obviously sentencing... Continue Reading →

Mothers Who Hurt Their Children: Mom knows best – right? RePost from Out of The Fog

We know that the factors leading to child abuse vary.  We also know that not all abusers are male.  Yet, we seldom see that addressed so in all fairness I do so now.  Recently, I came across the article Mothers Who Hurt Their Children: Mom knows best – right?  This piece addresses personality disorder as... Continue Reading →

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