National Adoption Day Follow Up

National Adoption Day 2014

The Lewis Family
The Lewis Family

National Adoption day was officially Saturday.  However, throughout the month of November special adoptions events were held across the United States.  Some kids came up for adoption due to abuse, parents’ choice of drugs over kids, some are orphaned and have no family–there are a myriad of other reasons.  In each case the countless hours of work and the number of people involved to make an adoption happen is phenomenal. 

On November 21 in Tarrant County an estimated 45 families adopted 63 kids!  I am always profoundly touched by the volume of people and time it takes to help the adoptees and their families reach this day.  On this day in Tarrant County there were seven courtrooms holding adoptions for over a three-hour period.  I was privileged to work at the door to the courtroom of two very special judges.  These judges asked everyone to fill their courtroom and join in the celebrations of each adoption.  The judges led the applause and cheers when each adoption was completed. 

I went home for a couple of hours to absorb the impact of this day, and the numerous stories that people shared with me.  Later, as I observed the opening festivities for the holiday season on 7th street, I ran into one of the adopting families and their new son.  Mom was still smiling from the inside out with the joy of her new son!   She sent me this photo to share on my blog.

I invite you to consider adoption, become a part of the year round process, or volunteer during this annual  event.  Every child deserves a Forever Home! JDP

I offer three links below with information on National adoption Day.  Following those two links are others that share a few personal stories.


New Jersey

Miami Florida



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