National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day is this Month.

National adoption day is this month.  In the brief article that follows Assistant Commissioner, Lisa Black shared her thoughts on Adoption with a Gregg County reporter.  If you have never experienced a National adoption day event I suggest you go online and find out where and on what dates the adoptions are being held in your area.  It is probably too late to volunteer to help.  However, you can drive by or pay to park and briefly walk into the lobby of the courthouse where these adoptions are taking place.  As you walk in and see the efforts of the judicial members, caseworkers, CASA’s and other volunteers serving the adopting families and the adoptees—you will be touched.  This is a grand, sincere, and wonderful day for all involved.  Some of these families and children (of all ages) have waited years to get to the point of adoption.  Courtrooms are filled with stuffed animals and books for the children and adolescents to take home.  On this day in court, no one is going to jail—no one is receiving a penalty.  Families are created—the families involved, those that helped them to reach this momentous day, and everyone looking on receives a gift that goes straight to their heart. 

Next year, volunteer in time to be a part of this momentous occasion.  If you have ever considered adopting, then seriously look into adopting or fostering to adopt.  There may be heartbreak along the way, but the gift of your time, home, and love will remain in a child’s heart forever.

Child Protective Services is all about family reunification.  That is a noble and grand idea.  When it works, it is incredible.  However, it is important to remember that not every parent is capable of taking the steps necessary to be a safe and healthy parent. 

Note to CPS Executives:  When your employees make mistakes do the right thing for the child, not the employee.  Look at the chronology of events, reprimand your people, and remove the child before it is too late.  Have the same rules for those offenders who have connections and money as you do for those who do not have connections or are poor.  Remember this — no child deserves to stay in an abusive home regardless of whom that child’s parent knows. 


Gregg County National Adoption Day

Posted: Nov 06, 2014 3:51 PM CSTUpdated: Nov 06, 2014 3:51 PM CST

Posted by Olivia Levoy

GREGG COUNTY (KYTX)- “No child should have to grow up in foster care,” says Lisa Black, DFPS assistant commissioner for Child Protective Services. “But no matter their age, children and teens never outgrow the need for parents and the stability only a family can give.”

Texas needs foster and adoptive parents for children of all ages. Some of these children have special medical, physical, or emotional needs. There is always a need for families willing to adopt African-American children who are overrepresented in foster care.

Watch the “Why Not Me?” public service announcement on the DFPS You Tube channel and share it with your friends and family. It’s also available in Spanish.

What greater gift than the gift of family? Children are waiting at Texas Adoption Resource Exchange’s website.

Adoption Facts:

  • 6,596 children in Texas foster care were waiting for adoption as of September 30
  • Texas adoptions have more than double in the last decade from 2,512 in fiscal year 2004 to 5,149 in fiscal year 2014
  • There are more Texas adoptions in November than any other month
  • One in five adoptions in Texas last year was finalized in November (1,032)

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