Texas: Helpful links in Seeking Help for a Minor Child

Texas: Helpful links in Seeking Help for a Minor Child

Grandparents’ Rights Information

Texas is one of those states that prevent grandparents from getting appropriate help for their grandchildren.  Having said that, I supply these links, as it never hurts to stay informed.





If you are a relative and raising a minor child the following resources may be helpful to keep at hand.

The Texas Kincare Project

The Texas Kincare Project, housed within the Health Law Program at TLSC, provides access to free legal counseling to address relative caregivers’ questions. The Project supplies caregivers with legal tools and advice to navigate the healthcare, human services and school systems for minor children in their care.

Texas Kincare Taskforce

The Texas Kincare Taskforce works to accurately refer grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings who are raising minor children (with neither parent being in the home), to appropriate sources of on-going assistance. The Texas Kincare Taskforce has prepared the Texas Kincare Primer to inform families headed by relatives of their rights and responsibilities as well as provide helpful information. A copy can be downloaded here.

The Texas Kincare Project and Taskforce can be reached at 866-979-4343.


Texas House of Representatives Child Protection, Select Committee

This link takes you to the official site where you can click on the Members of this committee to see their record.



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