I Don’t Own My Child’s Body by Katia Hetter, CNN

I came across this article online.  I completely agree with the practice of giving a child power over their own body.  Often children have better instincts about people than the adults around them do.  They are more intuitive, and less easily fooled about people than adults.  As adults, we tend to suppress our instincts based... Continue Reading →


A Professional Development Workshop For Child Care & School Personnel from Prevent Child Abuse Texas

I received this notice about a Fort Worth conference on September 13th.  In addition they are offering this program in 4 other Texas cities including one in Frisco on  August 16th.  JDP        Register Online for this Conference Now!Fort Worth Daycare ConferencePREVENTING CHILD ABUSE ONE CHILD AT A TIME Recognizing, Reporting and Preventing... Continue Reading →

Brief Risk Assessment of Self-Harm & Suicidal Ideation by Blake Edwards

Brief Risk Assessment of Self-Harm & Suicidal IdeationAll too frequently, children and teens in the care of the child welfare system experience severe post-traumatic stress that leads to thoughts about harming or even killing themselves (i.e. “suicidal ideation”).As a therapist and treatment director, I consider such thoughts in context of a particular history, relevant developmental... Continue Reading →

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