Supporting the Cultural Heritage & Identity of Foster Kids by Blake Griffin Edwards, MSMFT LMFT LCPAA

Preface:  As we help free children from abuse and sexual abuse sometimes they are placed in Foster Care.  This move can be short-term or long-term.  Regardless of the length of time, it is important that during this process each child maintains and learns about their cultural identity.  Every person that enters a child's life during this process can... Continue Reading →


What do you do when you discover your friend is a pedophile? BY BARB PACHOLIK

The person in the following news article did the right thing.  Unfortunately, there are times when people look for reasons not to believe the evidence.  Others look for excuses not to turn in the suspected offender.  If you follow the link just above the news article, you can see comments from readers.  I was not... Continue Reading →

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