Another throw away child

Another throw away child

Waiting in line, I look out at the street 

A group of dingy, dirty ravaged 40-year-old men exits a bus and shamble on by 

So difficult to see 

The ravages of substances and mental illness

Took a toll upon body and mind

People passing by, pull away in disgust

We all judge them, harshly

Could someone had made a difference?

In just one of those lives? 

One man caught my eye 

For a brief moment, he let down his guard

I saw a version of his younger self

I saw him as he used to be 

When he worked a decent job

Was still good looking 

Friends overlooked the constant drinking, and light substance abuse

He was such a great guy    He was so good looking 

There were whispers about him allowing people to abuse his child 

However, his friends kept quiet

Evidence went unreported

Suspicions went untold

Turned away from the child

Out of friendship for the adult

Out of fear of the adult

Refused to believe he could do, and allow such things 

He had a decent job  He had a nice home

(Did we forget, Sandusky was successful too?)

Opportunities to help him went unanswered 

Opportunities to save the child went unanswered  

Years go by    Substance abuse, and dark secrets increased 

Suspicions became stronger yet, no one got involved 

“I don’t want to lose my friend” 

“I don’t want to lose my job” 

Silent acquiescence begets a child’s ruined prospects 

And, the child? 

Who knows, last his friends heard the kid was a bad one

Doing drugs and pedaling his body on the street

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they whisper 

Failing to acknowledge

Their role in this tragedy

Tsk, Tsk they all say and again,

turn away from the child


now the dad

Unwilling to acknowledge him

Unwilling to admit they were friends to this now ravaged once attractive person

He has become inconvenient

They move on with their lives 

The now grown child

NO One chose to believe

NO One chose to help 

Just one more statistic

Gone the bright eyes 

Gone the brilliant smile

Gone the infectious laughter

Outcries ignored

Suspicions unreported

Misplaced loyalty to a friend won out 

Fear of losing a job won out

Outcries ignored

Leads not investigated 

The system looked the other way

The father had a good job

He lived in a nice house

He was so good looking

Everything was so “pretty” what does a little sex abuse hurt? 

Was the systems reply

They took no action

They covered up for the parent

Another child betrayed

Another soul lost 

Another throw away child. 


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