Senator Tim Kennedy Calling for Investigation Following Murder of 5-Year Old.

 “Eain’s death is an intolerable and heartbreaking tragedy, and we must do all we can to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.  Unfortunately, we’ve all spoken that exact sentence far too many times to fully accept that the state and county have truly done everything that could be done to protect our children and prevent senseless tragedies like this from occurring. The state Office of Children and Family Services must investigate this tragedy and intensely review the operations of Child Protect Services agencies in Erie County and across the state to ensure New York children are kept safe from harm.”  (WKBW Admin, 2013)

 We can complain about CPS, but until we pay attention to how the officials we elect vote then nothing will change.  Senators, Congress, Governors, and President’s allow funding cuts that would supply the needed monies to the programs that help children.  They vote down, or veto bills, which would increase training, awareness, reporting, safety protocol, and legal items that are necessary to enforce, follow-up, and prosecute these predators and those that protect them. 

 This past year alone, like very year, dozens of laws that would help children failed, that means the officials we elected voted against them!  When we let our elected officials know we are watching them, expect them to help us help our children, and make them accountable by voting out of office those who ignore the cries of these abused children then we will see a change in this epidemic. 


Full Story:

 State by State Legislative Update:

 Source:  WKBW Admin.  (2013, Sept. 20).  Senator Tim Kennedy Calling for Investigation Following Murder of 5-Year Old. Retrieved from


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