Grandmother Says She Warned County About Abuse of Dead Boy

 “The grandmother of the 5-year-old Buffalo boy beaten to death earlier this week said she had asked Erie County child protection officials to remove the accused killer from the child’s life several times prior to the boy’s death.  ‘I looked straight in the face of the Child Protective Services worker and said, what … is it going to take?’ said Robin Hart, the maternal grandmother of Eain Clayton Brooks. ‘Matt has been beating Eain and also chemically burned him.  What is it going to take? And now Eain has been killed by him.’  (Michel, 2013)

 This grandmother is not the first, but one of legions that have tried to rescue their grandchild before it was too late.  The response is often; our hands are tied until the child is harmed again.  Even with “Recommendations” in place, CPS cannot do anything until the child cries out or someone reports.  The “next time” often results in the child’s death or serious harm.  The public does not realize the legal restraints under which Child Protective Services operates.  The parents/guardians have all the power, which figuratively binds the hands of CPS and limits the actions they can take.  Unless there are obvious signs, and the worker can guarantee they can win the case in court, they usually will not remove the child.  Instead, they offer FBSS Family Based Social Services that keeps the child in the home, while the parents get help. 

 However, due to finances and the restrictive laws the situation is not closely monitored.  While the child remains in the home, the parents have control over CPS.  Yes, we have all heard a story or two where CPS did remove a child, mistakenly, but compared to children not removed, that is a rarity. 

Nothing is going to change until we make our voices heard by voting out those politicians who allow abusers and pedophiles to walk free, and vote in those politicians who will take a stand.   Full story:

 Source:  Michel, Lou. (September 19, 2013).  Grandmother says she warned county about abuse of dead boy. The Buffalo News.  Retrieved from


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