Georgia Rule: The Movie

Georgia Rule: The Movie
Quite by accident, I stumbled upon the 2007 movie, Georgia Rule. Thinking I was looking forward to a night of laughter, I was surprised when the plot unfolded. However, I kept watching and I am glad I did, Georgia Rule is a movie worth watching. Some people have issues with Jane Fonda and Lindsey Lohan, but this Garry Marshall film is important. Labeled a comedy-drama; it is much more than that. This movie highlights a common reaction to a person who speaks out about their sexual abuse: Denial, and Blaming the victim. The actors’ honest portrayals are realistic and effective. Lohan smoothly depicts the myriad characteristics and contradictions of a child victim of sexual abuse. They are often so busy trying to protect those around them that they put themselves last. After years of “acting out,” Lohan’s character tells. Her Mother does not believe her. The mother, played by Felicity Huffman, is believable in her performance as she transitions through the roller coaster of emotions triggered by her daughter’s revelation. In my opinion, the negative critical reviews of this movie are undeserved and are due to the topic and not the quality of the acting, the script, or the movie making process. The journey is true, worth your time and may bring that “Aha,” moment of awareness to someone who needs it. Therefore, it is important to put aside political or emotional attitudes toward these actors, or others involved in this movie, watch the move and promote its viewing.


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