Framily: More than a word


A number of years ago I created a word: Framily. Framily are those people who choose to be in our life, support us, and celebrate our life as would a family. We create our Framily from people who have come into our life and are such a healthy positive addition they became family.  Hence, the combined words Friend and Family form, Framily.

This word/concept is useful to many who follow my blog, my Facebook page or visit my website, A Child’s Tears. As, those who come from a background of abuse often lose much or all of their family when they speak out about the abuse.

In some situations, the family, in their desire to keep the abuse quiet, rejects those who speak out.

In other situations, for their own emotional and psychological wellbeing, the abused person has chosen to keep their biological family at a distance, as that family is toxic.

In other situations those who work and advocate against abuse, simply because they know it is the right thing to do, may have abusers attempt to destroy them and their work. In that case, they need a larger support system outside of their professional associations: Framily can be that much needed anchor.

Framily, is also for those who merely want to acknowledge those additions to their family that have no biological or legal bond.

Some have Family and Framily.  Others family consists only of Framily, and that is enough.  Framily are not in your life through a sense of familial obligation; they are there by choice.  Love and respect your Framily because they choose to be at the party that is You.  Regardless of your need or want of this word, I encourage its usage; make it yours.  Framily is more than a word, it is a philosophy and a support system.     JDP


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