When a Case Ends:

When a Case Ends:

We Think:

The case ends and someone will be prosecuted or else they are innocent


Therefore, When We See:

No one is arrested, or has charges brought against them.

The child is still in the home.

The child is seen in the company of her abusers.


We Assume:

The accusations were false.

The perpetrator was found innocent

The child is safe

While a Probable Reality is:

CPS has a strong “Reason to Believe,” the child has been harmed.

CPS has given written “recommendations” to the parent/guardian that the abuser is only allowed around the child with adult supervision.

CPS has given written “recommendations” to the parent/guardian that the abuser is never allowed around the child.

CPS has given written recommendation that the child stay in counseling and other therapy

CPS has given written recommendation that the parent/guardian go into therapy/counseling

CPS has, by policy, put the parent/guardian in charge of the child’s safe keeping.

That child is still very much is in danger.

Why Weren’t Charges Filed?

There is not enough evidence to prosecute, yet.

Well-meaning friends/co-workers/relatives muddle the case as they jump in with hearsay, gossip or refuse to be honest about their own knowledge or suspicions.

The parent/guardian has hampered the investigation with denial, dishonesty, manipulation and other methods.

CPS policy, except with extreme evidence, keeps the child in the home and avoids legal actions at almost all costs.

Why Are the Pedophiles Still Around the Child?

The parent/guardian has chosen not to follow the recommendations of CPS.  When CPS makes recommendations to keep the child safe, by policy, they cannot tell the school, daycare or immediate and extended family.  By policy, the parent/guardian is left in full charge of this child’s safety, has uber control over who knows the truth and it is up to them to inform others.  Therefore, outside of the parent/guardian and the offenders no one is aware of these restrictions, not even the child.

The parent/guardian can defy CPS recommendations and can mislead their friends, relatives, co-workers by:

  • Removing healthy people from the child’s environment so they cannot monitor the recommendations of CPS
  • Giving the impression the pedophile(s) is/are allowed around the child
  • Being dishonest about the pedophile(s) innocence
  • Confusing, frightening and violating the child’s trust by telling them no one believes them and thinks they are lying because they accused more than one person.
    • A molested child is 1000% more likely to be victimized again than one who has never been  molested.
  • Shaming the child into silence by telling the child everyone thinks they are disgusting and it is their fault
  • Surrounding the child with a small collection of people intent on keeping the child quiet, or who have such a loyalty to the parent/guardian they believe anything  the parent/guardian says and do not press for the truth.
  • Isolating the child  from people and activities where the child might feel safe in confiding
  • Placing restrictions upon the school and staff as to whom the child can  communicate with and what programs they are allowed to attend.
  • The parent/guardian,  abusers know the limitations of CPS.   They know the average person is unaware of these limitations.  They use that knowledge to their advantage to hide the truth.

Why Doesn’t the Parent/Guardian Protect the Child?

Perhaps the parent/guardian has their own suppressed of carefully guarded abuse.

Perhaps the parent/guardian is themself a perpetrator and is protecting the offender and themselves.

Perhaps the parent/guardian is so afraid of what others think that they will sacrifice their child in order to keep up appearances.

Perhaps the parent/guardian is reliant upon the offender for financial, emotional or other reasons and is in fear of losing that support.

Perhaps the parent/guardian has a deep-seated mental illness that has yet to be diagnosed.

Perhaps the parent/guardian has a hatred or inability to love that particular child and this is their way of punishing that child.  Was the child a product of rape, incest, did the child’s birth cause a financial hardship or force the parent/guardian to give up their own dreams and goals?

Red Flags in Parental Responses

If you know someone who claims the repeated investigations into their life by CPS are the result of one person that is simply not true.  Furthermore, if the parent/guardian states the sexual abuse allegations were false and someone forced their child to make the accusations that is major red flag about that parent!

First, in Texas, one person cannot make false claims again, and again to CPS as that individual is not immune from prosecution.  Meaning CPS will not open case after case if the sole source of their concerns is coming from one individual and they believe that individual to be lying.  (Texas Administrative Code Sec. 261.106.  IMMUNITIES. (c))

Second, if this parent/guardian claims a person made their child make false allegations and CPS told them to keep the person away from their child then CPS will have given the parent a document stating this “recommendation”.  If that parent/guardian cannot produce such a document then you need to face the fact that something is fishy with their story.  In the unlikely event, the parent/guardian produces such a document, scan, forward, copy the document and verify its authenticity.  As, it is highly unlikely someone forced a child to make false claims.

Finally, while the child is still in the home, there are probably recommendations in place to protect that child.  If the sexual abuser of that child has been ruled out then the parent has a document stating that.  If the parent/guardian refuses to show you a document proving their claims of innocence that is again a red flag.  Something is fishy with their story because CPS will have provided the parent/guardian and the abuser with that documentation.  Again, verify the document.

What can we do?

It is not the policy of CPS to prosecute first.  They are, at times, limited to providing written “recommendations” to the parent/guardian.  However, current policy establishes the parent/guardian as the protector of the child.  If the parent/guardian is a part of the problem this leaves the child vulnerable from within their own home to harm, threats, and psychological, physical and emotional pressure to keep quiet and even deny they are being harmed.

Let’s find that out together what we can do to change these insane policies that keep sexually abused children chained to their abusers and to those that protect the abusers.

I am open to productive feedback, topic suggestions et al.  Share my blog, help create a community that will affect positive change in our legislation in all states and territories, and in our approach and involvement as a society.   JDP


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