A Child’s Tears works to encourage ownership in the issues of awareness, prevention, action and aftercare for children that are brutally victimized; and then traumatized into silence.   Are you uncomfortable with this topic?  In today’s society we hear public discussions about bowel movements, Botox injections, and other intimate information.  Then, why do we shy away from discussing the horrific crimes being committed against our children?

Yes, the facts are ugly and unpleasant.  Yet, discussion is in no way as terror filled as the reality of a child living through this horrific abuse.  You can turn your head but that does not make the problem go away.  (*Child sexual abuse is seldom a one-time occurrence, and lasts an average of 1 to 4 years.)  These children are suffering as their outcries go ignored on a regular basis.

As an uninformed  and passive society lone individuals attempting to take action are easily silenced.  However, as individuals working collectively we stand strong, our voices are heard and change happens.  By making this a discussion a part of our daily topic we give our children their power as we take it away from the predators.

Once AIDS was not spoken of in public.  Yet, look at the progress that has been made with that subject!  I know that we can make the same positive change and course of action in the area of crimes against children.


  • Stay informed.
  • Speak out when you hear inaccurate information about statistics or any other facts.
  • Speak out when you suspect a child is being abused. Make a Police Report too.
  • Follow up-The information you receive will be limited but you have a right to know if action was taken.
  • Speak out when someone tells you they think a child is being abused.
  • Keep contact numbers to report on hand for others.
  • Watch your Elected Officials voting records on crimes against children issues.
  • Contact Officials and let them know where you stand on this topic.
  • Make crimes against children an issue that all those running for office must address.
  • Encourage & Support Research, Legislation, Development of Therapy, and Mandatory Awareness & Prevention Training.






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